Plug de dag or ideas for free, seems to be one of the nicest ways to help people, organizations or communities to improve their life. Like a non-profit organization they don’t aim for money and they don’t use money at all. It looks like their point of view is: good ideas make money not the opposite. They have no interest in anything except giving you the best ideas and advices about how you can find the best solution for the questions being discussed at the lunch table and to be more close to the community. But I’m not sure, maybe in the end they get something out of it, maybe not, at least everyone gets good energy just feeling better in the end of the day, on giving their help.

No one knows why the Dutch are so creative, but the idea of PLUG de dag is so simple and so useful. If you have a business or an enterprise and you feel or know something is missing; you are close to the target, but just did not catch it; PLUG de dag can help you. How? They are more than the famous 300, all specialists, urban planners, architects and other free-lancers in several fields. What they can do, is come to your business location or enterprise with a number of people, usually varying between 7 or 10 which are part of this network. They work on their project like they do every day in their own offices. But during the lunch time for 1 hour they will discuss the question on the table.

Last Wednesday I was there to see what’s going on. The location was the former building of the film museum in Amsterdam in one of the biggest gardens in the Dutch capital. In these months the city and a broadcast are working together in the same space to give the building a new future. After the first lunch session (out of four in total), and after more than one hour, some sandwiches, coffees, teas and a lot of talking everyone is going to have a syntheses on his e-mail about the point of view that everyone had. That’s not everything because the next three Wednesdays other people with other ideas will bring new contributions to find a better solution on how to create an easy life for the city, broadcast and (not less important) for the citizens of the city who will always need comfortable areas to spend their time.

Arben Hasanaj, Albanian journalist